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The Old Town Historic Core planning process focuses on the historic central core of the City’s first business district and primarily, Leary Way, and needs your perspective. This plan addresses elements including the streetscape, character and design, opportunities for art, a marketing and event plan, and opportunities for grant funding and community partnerships, all toward the goal of enhanced economic and neighborhood vitality.

The discussion topics are based on feedback the City received from the Old Town Historic Core Walk & Talk & Nuts & Bolts on June 6, 2014 as well as feedback from Derby Days on July 12, 2014. Overall, the items below include ideas and concerns from approximately 60 people. Please contribute to the community perspective by including your thoughts as well.

Contact Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415, email kdietz@redmond.gov.

With questions and for additional information, refer to www.redmond.gov/history.

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