Get Around - Biking in Redmond

How do you GET AROUND ... on your bike.... in Redmond? Talk about it with us.

We want to hear your biking ideas, questions, and suggestions for enhancements. Whether you live in, work in, or visit Redmond’s 10 neighborhoods, we want to connect with you through IdeaScale and to have you be part of this ongoing, online conversation – Get Around.

Do you know of great rides through Redmond? Have you discovered an innovative biking tool in other cities? Does your bike commute include some challenges along your preferred route? Maybe your children are learning how to ride a bike and need a special environment to ride in while keeping their feet on the pedals. And, maybe you have a unique experience when riding through Downtown Redmond where you dine and shop. We are interested in hearing from and connecting with you about your neighborhood explorations and the experiences you have when you “Get Around” Redmond and other destinations on your bike.

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Get Around - Biking in Redmond

Bicycle Wayfinding - A Pilot Project for Your Feedback

The City recently installed a bicycle wayfinding pilot project for Bike to Work Day, with the goal of encouraging bicycling by assisting cyclists in navigating the City. Prior to expanding the network, the City would like to hear feedback on the pilot project, located on West Lake Sammamish Parkway (south of 51st St) and Old Redmond Road (west of 152nd Ave). How did the bicycle wayfinding signs work for you?

Submitted by (@kdietz)

Get Around - Biking in Redmond

Protected bike lanes

Lots of bike lanes are better than nothing, but what we really need -- especially on busy streets -- is a physical barrier separating bikes from car traffic. It is very difficult for motorists on a 2-lane road to give the requisite 3' of space when passing a cyclist, and cars drift over the line all the time.

Submitted by (@dla260)

Get Around - Biking in Redmond

Bicycle Law Pocket Reference

I found these little Washington Bicycle Law Pocket Reference cards in a coffeeshop in Spokane. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to share it here. It includes several of the RCW regarding bicyclist rules, not the full text but a short interpretation of the rules with the RCW reference next to it. I found it informative not only for cyclists but also motorists sharing the road. This one looks like it was distributed ...more »

Submitted by (@garypeluso)

Get Around - Biking in Redmond

What gear do you use?

Do you feel a strong need to stick with traditional biking gear such as bike pants, saddle or messenger bags, gloves, and shoes? Or, do you bike in office and street clothes? What type of bike do you ride and does it limit the places you ride? Do you have additional gear that helps your biking such as a basket for groceries, seat for kids, tow-behind, or electric-assist? How do these help you use your bike for more ...more »

Submitted by (@cdr.scairpon)